Classroom Course » Mental Disorders of the Elderly: Assessment and Treatment Issues

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July 16, Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Felton Institute Research and Training

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This course provides an overview of common mental disorders with onset in late life and their treatment options.   It outlines the methodology in the assessment of such disorders in the elderly population. It emphasizes the importance of early identification of neurological and psychiatric symptoms associated with aging in the development of appropriate case management plan and intervention strategies. It discusses drug and medication misuse and abuse in elderly clients.   It also highlights the issue of assessment and management of suicide risk in this client population.


·       Identify the symptoms and presentations of various Neuro-cognitive Disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease, Vascular Dementia, Alcohol-Related Dementia and Delirium.  

·       Analyze the symptoms, course of illness of Parkinson's Disease and their relationship to Alzheimer's Disease.

·       Identify and describe treatment options/long term care issues in managing symptoms of confusion and disorientation associated with various Neuro-Cognitive Disorders.

·       Identify and describe how depression, bipolar disorders. psychotic and anxiety disorders manifest themselves in late adulthood and how to make differential diagnosis between mood disorders and neuro-cognitive disorders.

·       Describe and analyze the medication and psycho-active substance misuse and abuse in the elderly population.

·       Discuss grief and loss issues in the elderly and identify the risk factors useful for managing suicide risk in the senior population.

·       Describe and identify the special challenges for the mental health of LGBT seniors.

Intended Audience:

Social workers, psychologists, case managers, and other mental health/behavioral professionals, substance abuse counselors, other health care professionals and, healthcare educators.

Session Notes:

Training is presented via Zoom. If this platform changes you will be notified by the training coordinator. Seven (7) CEU credits are available with full day attendance and completion of course evaluation.

Handouts and Zoom links will be provided a week before the training.

Questions, contact Felton Training Coordinator:


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