About Us

Felton Institute is changing Learning Management Systems as of 7/1/2024.
If you would like to register for any future courses, please use the link listed below, it will be up and running as of 7/1/2024.

If you have registered via this platform for any courses after 7/1/2024, your registration has been transferred to the new system. Any new registrations will be via Learning Stream at the link below.

If you  have any questions or have any problems with registration, please contact Felton Training Coordinator at felton@training.org or swade@felton.org.

The Felton Institute Research and Training is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care in social service settings of all kinds. We accomplish this through training along with evaluation of the effectiveness of the trainings we provide.

Our Mission
Felton's mission is to respond to human needs with cutting edge social services and treatment that combine evidence-based practices with cultural sensitivity and a deep respect for our clients.

Our Philosophy
We believe that all in need of social services and behavioral health care are entitled to the best treatment available, and we are therefore committed to finding, developing, implementing, and sustaining practices that have the most profound impact on symptom remediation. The Felton Institute Research and Training is dedicated to disseminating its research findings and best practices throughout the fields of social work, mental health, behavioral health, and social service.

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