About Us

The Felton Institute Research and Training is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care in social service settings of all kinds. We accomplish this through training along with evaluation of the effectiveness of the trainings we provide.

The Felton Institute Research and Training was established in 2005 to cultivate and establish the cutting edge of national best practices within a community based, culturally competent, evidence based, and recovery-oriented framework. Since its inception, the Felton Institute Research and Training has assembled a faculty that combines nationally renowned academics with experienced, real world practitioners. It has also developed and piloted a unique curriculum that reflects the values of social justice, integrated treatment, multidisciplinary teams, and client-directed care planning.

Our Mission
Felton's mission is to respond to human needs with cutting edge social services and treatment that combine evidence-based practices with cultural sensitivity and a deep respect for our clients.

Our Philosophy
We believe that all in need of social services and behavioral health care are entitled to the best treatment available, and we are therefore committed to finding, developing, implementing, and sustaining practices that have the most profound impact on symptom remediation. The Felton Institute Research and Training is dedicated to disseminating its research findings and best practices throughout the fields of social work, mental health, behavioral health, and social service.
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