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Course Description:
This MCM Introduction course represents the most recent rendition of the Motivational Care Management model. The course is designed to introduce the model generally. The model is a strength-based, consumer centered model and appropriate with all levels of providers who work with adults and older adults. We look forward to your feedback and further inquiry on the model.
Course Objective:
In this course you will learn to:
  • Define an MCM care manager and what the model has to offer for both the care manager and the person receiving service
  • Define what the "MCM Core Skills" are and what will be expected in terms of skill building in the people taking the rest of the curriculum
  • Review the importance of the ethical behavior of an MCM care provider, specifically how to maintain professional boundaries without creating barriers to genuine human exchange and effective care
Intended Audience:

MCM is designed to be adopted across a number of provider disciplines, both licensed and unlicensed providers, as well as paraprofessionals or non-degree providers.

 It is recommended that MCM will most effectively serve:
  • Adults and older adults with disabilities
  • Hard to reach individuals who need support
  • Difficult to engage consumers with disabilities Individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds

Author Bio:
The MCM manual was authored by:

Melissa Moore, PhD, Erika Van Buren, PhD, and Robert Bennett

Additional Contributors:

Rebecca Crabb, PhD
Carole McKindley-Alvarez, PsyD
Greg Merrill, LCSW
Nicole Milan
Patricia Miles
Peek Media
Stoltz Media

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