Classroom Course » Law & Ethics in Mental Health Practice (Part 2)

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November 17, Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Felton Institute Research and Training

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Law & Ethics in Mental Health Practice (Part 2) - Liability Issues in Managing Suicide, Assault Risks,Professional Boundaries and Risk of Defamation.

This course focuses on the analysis of the legal grounds for malpractice litigation and professional responsibilities in four critical areas of social work/mental health practice: (1) Suicide Risk Management—it outlines standard of care and negligence issues. (2) Violence Risk Management—clinicians and agencies' duties to protect clients and others.(3) Boundary Issues—it discusses the nature and the legal hazards of dual and multiple relationships in professional settings. (4) Defamation of Clients and Others through improper documentations and comments—it presents the legal basis of slander and libel claims


Learning Objectives :

1. Apply the legal principles such as grounds for malpractice, criteria for tort claims underlining professional liability in mental Health Practice

2. Discuss and analyze the sources and nature of standard of care in working with clients at risk for suicide and violence.

3.  Assess the level of risk of potentially violent client and analyze personal and professional liability risk coming from failure to protect supervisees,colleagues, employees and other clients in working with and handling potential violent clients.

4.  Identify and manage interpersonal boundaries that can create risk of professional liability and ethical quandaries such as a) avoidable and unavoidable dual relationships, b) concurrent and consecutive dual Relationships, C) individual versus institutional dual relationships.

5.  Describe and apply the legal principles behind the law of defamation to avoid and manage the risk of slandering and libeling clients, third parties and others in the course of mental health/social work practice through clinical documentation,testimonies, in providing references and letter of recommendations.

6.  Explain,assess and design strategies in managing professional liability risk derived from negligence and misconduct of supervisees and employees.

7.  Formulate and design appropriate policies and procedures to minimize liability risks and ensure high quality of care.

Intended Audience:
Social workers, marriage/family therapists, nurses, physicians, case workers, psychologists and other human service/health care/mental and behavioral health care professionals and trainees.
Session Notes:

Law & Ethics Part 1 is NOT a prerequisite for this course.

Zoom link and related documents will be available 72 hours before the training and delivered via email to confirmed registered participants.

Course completion certificates will be awarded to participants who attend the training in full within 3 business days after completing the course evaluation and correctly answering attendance questions

Seven (7) CEUs are available for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs

Intended Audience

Social workers, case managers, and other mental/ behavioral health professionals, substance abuse counselors, all other health care professionals,and educators

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