Classroom Course » Triple Trouble: Assessment and Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders of HIV, Mental Disorders and Substance Abuse

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June 22, Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Felton Institute Research and Training

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This course provides an overview of the co-morbidity of HIV, substance abuse and mental disorders.  It outlines the methodology and the challenges in the assessment of mental disorders, psychiatric symptoms, and substance abuse problems in clients with HIV.  It provides an understanding of how these three problems interact and aggravate the severity of symptoms and compromise the psycho-social functioning and judgment of such clients. It emphasizes the importance of properly diagnosing and aggressively treating such conditions to ensure compliance with an HIV medication regimen and prevention of the spread of HIV.  It highlights the importance of effective integration of pharmacological intervention, psycho-social support, harm reduction approaches and case management in working with HIV-affected clients coping with substance abuse problems and mental disorders.
  1. Describe and identify the basic concepts and strategies related to HIV infection and treatment.  
  2. Describe and explain the co-occurrence rates between HIV infection, substance abuse and various forms of mental disorders.
  3. Explain and discuss the co-occurrence of mental disorders and substance use/abuse including the use of pain medications such as opioids and "sleep medication" such as Benzodiazepines).
  4. Explain and discuss the co-occurrence of substance use/abuse and HIV as it impacts HIV care and treatment compliance.
  5. Analyze the reciprocal relationship between HIV infection, substance abuse and mental disorders.
  6. Discuss and identify alcohol-related dementia and HIV-related dementia and available treatment options.
  7. Apply harm reduction principles and a multi-modal approach in working with clients with dual and triple disorders.
Intended Audience:
Social workers, psychologists and other mental health/behavioral professionals, substance abuse counselors, nurses and other health care professionals, health educators, case managers, HIV/AIDS care providers.
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